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Meeting all students’ needs through U-Academy, a one-on-one professional tutoring service and specialized academic support.

Critical Lens

Critical Lens deals with the basics of essay-writing through a critical analysis of 2 or more works, fostering creativity and exemplary writing skills. Critical Lens essays can also be used to prove students’ writing skills in college admissions applications.

SOP (Statement of Purpose)

Arguably the most important part of college admissions, the SOP demonstrates reasons for choosing a particular school and program. Students can transform their dull, monotonous essays into a unique statement.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Maintaining a competitive GPA in high school is critical. We help students achieve their level of academic competence in all subjects.

Arts Studio

Arts Studio targets students interested in studying art, media, film, or music in college. We coach student portfolios, interviews, essays, and more, preparing students for their college career path one-on-one.

See The Artist Studio

SAT Prep

Our SAT Prep courses allow students to achieve high SAT scores in all three sections of English Reading, Math, and English Writing. This specialized training provides basic concepts, extensive practice, and a special focus on weaker subjects.

ACT Prep

ACT Prep summarizes essential concepts and provides practice problems in all five sections (English, Reading, Math, Writing, and Science), especially concentrating on weaker areas.


TOEFL Prep focuses on all four sections (Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Listening) to develop fundamental skills, review test formats, and administer practice tests for high scores.