Selective Management Portfolio


Selective Management Portfolio .

We create necessary coursework, activities, and profiles after reviewing student profiles, our consultants select a curriculum just for you.

Interview Preparation

Duration - 2 months

Target - High school seniors with upcoming college admission interviews

Program Details - Anticipated questions with sample answers are provided to improve basic conversational skills as well as prepare students’ for communication with the interviewer

Results - Prepare for each school’s admission interview

- Customized interview preparation for each school and major
- From general conversational skills to major-specific professional language

Class Overview
- Compose anticipated school-specific questions and answers with experts
- Native speakers conduct mock interviews

Thesis Portfolio

Duration - 3 to 6 months

Target - High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors

Program Details - The thesis portfolio preparation program for future success allows students to practice thesis-writing in specific subject areas prior to enrollment

Results - Thesis production in an area of interest (can also be used for admission purposes)

- Build skills necessary such as thesis-writing and major research in advance
- Improve writing skills as well as explore different types of college-level essays

Class Overview
- Select thesis topic and area of study with a professional consultant
- Compose and revise thesis with experts within the chosen area of study

Global Leadership Program

Duration - 6 months

Target - High school students preparing for college admission

Program Details - A program designed specifically for international students to become future leaders by managing various public or private projects throughout the United States

Results - An official certificate from public or private organization in the United States

- Gain direct experience managing public/private projects as future leaders
- Appropriate for students desiring a career in the United States through corporate connections or internship opportunities

Class Overview
- Connect students with appropriate organization and arrange orientation sessions
- Record daily journals and examine progress

U-Student Reporters

Duration - 3 to 6 months

Target - High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in composition or journalism

Program Details - Uniprep’s professional journalists manage student reporters/editors in writing, editing, and publishing their articles through a mentor-mentee system that emphasizes teamwork

Results - Written work of choice (article, journal, blog, portfolio, etc.) to be listed in newspaper column (can also be used for college admission purposes)

- Students interested in journalism can fully experience the process of researching, writing, editing, and publishing
- Mentor-mentee system allows first-hand experience as a professional journalist

Class Overview
- Arrange mentors from selected field
- Compose and edit articles from selected category or topic
- Publish articles in online columns, magazines, etc.

Museum & I

Duration - 2 months

Target - High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in art or exhibitions

Program Details - Students expand their knowledge in both art and history through regular attendance at exhibitions and recorded journals. In addition, students may produce articles, journals, blogs, and portfolios based on their reflections

Results - Student-composed writing and a Museum Information Booklet (can also be used for college admission purposes)

- Attend art exhibitions with professionals from renowned art institutions and enhance comprehension through written reflections
- Expand perspective of different authors, artwork, and art

Class Overview
- Compose journal or research paper based on reflections
- Produce booklet containing professionally-edited journals and research papers

Volunteer Program

Duration - N/A

Target - High school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors

Program Details - Connect students with customized volunteer opportunities with hands-on experience

Results - Service hours included in resume

History Portfolio

Duration - 3 months

Target - High school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in creating a unique portfolio

Program Details - A thesis-style history portfolio that aims to address and correct various misconceptions about Korean history

Results - Thesis-level history correction portfolio (can also be used for college admission purposes)

- Address misconceptions about Korean culture and history as well as demonstrate research and persuasive skills through a thesis-style portfolio

- Select topic with professional instructor
- Compose essay
- Revise essay with three editors

Book Publishing

Duration - 3 months

Target - High school juniors and seniors interested in literature or journalism

Program Details - Publish a book evaluating pros and cons of current school, improving writing skills and creativity

Results - Student publication

- Foster creative thinking as students interview school faculty and staff
- Weekly meetings with professional editor for a total of 12 weeks

Class Overview
- Guidance from professional editors
- Practice basic writing and composition skills

College Entrance Consultation

Duration - 2 sessions per month

Target - All high school students

Program Details - Major-specific consultants meet with students twice a month to evaluate students’ current academic progress for customized curriculum and planning

Results - Detailed plans regarding college admission and majors in consideration of each student’s aptitude

College Entrance Information Session

Duration - 4 sessions per semester

Target - High school students and parents

Program Details - Four times each semester, informational lectures cover topics from basic college admission tips and evaluation of students’ academic careers

Results - College admission information and evaluation of students