Coaching Program

Coaching Program

Coaching Program .

A.B.C.D.E Coaching

Consultation for Upper Middle Level Students who are in need of periodical examination.

GPA 2-3 Level/ SAT Score Upper Middle Level - Possibility for TOP 1-76 schools?
Student "K" who knows exactly which college and major he wants to be admitted. Is he able to get admitted into TOP1-76 colleges in the United States?

Strategic consultation plan to find the most favorable method and the model.

  • Identifying Personality & Tendency
  • Analysis & Diagnosis
  • Model Analysis
  • Standard Presentation & Strategy Preparation
Consultation for Lower Middle Level Students who are in need of setting goals and grasping learning methods.

“I’m doing my best, but my grades are not going up and I don't have goals”
Student “M” who have not yet decided the college to apply to or the major of study due to unsatisfactory grades and test scores.
I am putting in an effort, but I do not understand why my scores are getting better.. So I just don’t want to do it anymore. What should I do?

Score Boost-Up Management Consultation

  • Identifying Personality & Tendency
  • Analysis & Diagnosis
  • Decision of methods in right college admissions
  • Standard Presentation & Strategy Preparation
Consultation for Top Upper Level students who are in need of exact analysis & know-how.

Top level Student “B” reaching for IVY & Top Private Schools
Important to acknowledge the exact level of self and offer the best strategy upon changed college entrance exams. Limited number of people and change in every college.

Consultation focused on GPA and core key words for model exams

  • Identifying Personality & Tendency
  • Analysis & Diagnosis
  • Comprehending each college’s personality and deciding on the list of schools to apply
  • Standard Presentation & Strategy Preparation
Consultation for Middle School Students & High School Freshmen who have not decided on their education path

Math? English? Student “L” have not decided which path of education he wants to go into.
Middle school students and high school freshmen do not only need the basic strategy of college admissions. Building specific study habits according to each student’s personality leads to successful strategy for college admissions.

Pre-Consultation for College Admissions

  • Identifying Personality & Tendency
  • Analysis of GPA & Test Scores
  • Planning Phase - Customized study strategy depending on the student’s personality and their interest
  • Strategy Preparation for College Admissions & Education Path
Consultation for students who are in need of building study habits and self-motivation

Studying is too hard and boring! I find it too much when I am trying to start studying…
Student “P”, who has no study habits nor has plan but does not follow through, Grasping onto the study habit through repetitive learning is the key!

Project of carrying out specific goals and plans through repetitive learning

  • Identifying Personality & Tendency & Interest - Personality Test, Values, Path Interest, Searching for the path
  • Analysis of GPA & Test Scores - Finding the cause of lack of interest in studying
  • Planning Phase - Academic Performance Project
  • Strategy Preparation - Academic Performance Project