Dream Code

Dream Code .

Dream Code is a Youth Project started with a motto,
"Code your Dream" by UNI PREP Group.

UNI PREP Group strives to find student’s dream, and DREAM CODE helps students by coaching youth’s sensitive concerns as well as academic concerns depending on each student’s personality.

DREAM CODE was established to support various types of relationship between parents and the student, assisting parts of the support that parents are not able to provide to the student. Leading the student step by step to find the proper way of academic coaching depending on one’s personality and tendency, U-Academy Program of DREAM CODE will provide natural self-motivation for each student to succeed in education career as well as other extra-curricular activities.


Differences .


Different from other companies’ programs of focusing on the GPA, Test Scores, and the Best Schools, DREAM CODE provides thorough and clear communication with the student to plan their major of study and their dream according to their personality and their tendency. After that process, we find the starting point together and provide customized coaching to achieve their goal and a dream.


Different from other companies’ uptight study methods, DREAM CODE focuses on the importance of providing students to have self-motivation in their goal achieving process. Followed by self-motivation, DREAM CODE supports and coaches students to make their own study plans and focus on their study on their own will.

Disposition / Tendency

DREAM CODE does not fit every student into the basic frame of program, but instead it provides 1:1 customized programs for each student depending on their personality and their tendency.

School Admission

Instead of having a basic list of top 1 % schools, DREAM CODE offers students to create and decide their own list of top 1% schools. In order to lead them to decide on their own, the program provides long-term preparation to succeed in the long-run.


For students who have not yet found their dream, or those who are vacillated in their dream, DREAM CODE help students to find their own dream with experience backgrounds.


Targets .

  • All Students
    Any students in need of education.
  • International students
    Immigrated students or those who are starting their study in the U.S.
    Students who preparing for college admissions or high school admissions.
  • GPA Management/Solution
    Students who are in need of GPA consultation or GPA management.
  • Adaptation
    Students who are struggling to adapt into American school programs.
  • Activities/Internship
    Students who are in need of personal resume for experiences during school or in the summer.
  • Major Choice
    Students who are struggling to find the right major for themselves before College.
  • School List up & Admissions
    Students in middle school and high school who have concerns regarding the list of colleges to apply to.
  • Long-term Plan
    Students who are in need of long-term plans for admission into their dream school.
  • Junior/Senior Year
    Students who are in need of preparation for the top 100 colleges in the U.S. or those who need help for the last minute college preparation.